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Aug 25, 2011 6:00pm PDT
of emergency. steve jobs sits down as the company's chief executive. he's set to stay on as chairman. it's 9:00 a.m. here in singapore. >> it's 2:00 a.m. here in london, broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. this is "newsday." >> hello, and welcome. as fighting continues in libya, the rebels say they're transfering their government's capital of tripoli from their base in benghazi. colonel gaddafi isn't ready to give up yet. he urged libyans to destroy the rebels. the heaviest fighting is still near olede gaddafi's old capitol in the capital. this report does contain some graphic images. >> descending into colonel gaddafi's underground fortress. the tunnels ran for miles and could have been his escape route. today, rebel fighters were taking the tour. seeing where gaddafi's troops had been holed up. abandoned in a corner, some of their supplies. this underground labyrinth, the secret world was incredibly well constructed. the ceilings here are very high. the walls are very solid. over hering i've just found a phone which was obviously used for internal communication.
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Aug 24, 2011 6:00am EDT
for that report. we appreciate it. steve? >> thanks, juliet. almost 48 years ago, martin luther king jr. shared his dream with the world from washington. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed. >> those words that are etched in the fabric of our nation's history will now be etched in stone. the martin luther king jr. memorial will be dedicated officially in washington, d.c. this sunday on the 48th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech. joining us is the director of african-american outreach for priests for life and niece of dr. martin luther king jr., alvita king. good morning to you. >> hi, steve. >> great to have you, dr. king. this is not only a great day when they dedicate this for your family but great day for america. >> and actually, i'll be there with my mother and my aunt christine and my mother naomi and dexter and martin and bernice. it was just a wonderful time. >> and i mentioned a moment ago that there are going to be apparently over a dozen inspirational quotes on the walls there of what your uncle said. and this is im
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Aug 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
qaddafi is but we know the streets of tripoli are filled with rebels. what else can you tell us? >> steve, we just went down into the hotel lobby, the reporters are basically in the hotel where we've been for months trying to cover this conflict under heavy scrutiny and basically run into six armed men who say police officers are protecting the hotel but basically say we cannot leave. we're still waiting to go and do our jobs, get out on the streets and report these events. they are saying to us you can't leave and they're citing the fact that there's too many snipers in this area. i'll caution the figure of 95% of the army, 20% in pro government and pro qaddafi hands still including that compound you spoke of which is no more than, you know, a kilometer, half a kilometer behind the hotel where, you know, there's still some holdouts putting up stiff resistance there so right now, we're caught between the lines but we're hoping, you know, that some short time, we can actually get out and start looking and speaking to the people and find out what's going on here. >> how did this go from a s
Aug 26, 2011 12:30am PDT
because of hurricane irene. and steve jobs steps down as the company's chief executive. >> we're broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. this is newsday. ♪ hello and welcome. as fighting continues in libya, the rebels said they are transferring their garment to the capital tripoli from their base in ben ghazi. but colonel gaddafi is not ready to give up yet. in another audio message, he urged libya -- libyans to destroy the rebels. the report contains some graphic images. >> descending into colonel gaddafi's underground fortress, tunnels that runs 4 miles and could have been his this capered. -- that runs for miles and could have been his escape route. abandoned in a corner, some of their supplies. with this underground labyrinth, this secret world, it was incredibly well constructed. the savings are very high. the walls are very solid. over here i found a phone that was used for internal communication. and this was a kind of motorized cart. who knows if the libyan leader was transported through these tunnels in this carta. colonel gadhafi thought he
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Aug 10, 2011 3:00am PDT
to break right now. let's go over to steve and peter for another segment. >> thanks so much, gretch. he's very clear they're not going to tolerate anything over there. a turbulent stock market and a struggling economy has many americans and even the mainstream media, the mainstream media now questioning president obama. >> if i don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one term proposition. >> there you are, mr. axelrod, that was the president at the start. we're getting right up to that three year point. is this going to be a one term presidency? >> i think the question is what this election -- first of all, let's -- let's certify that we have -- we're in a different place than we were the day he did that interview. >> we are. things are worse. >> things are worse. he's right. is the mainstream media now souring on the president? joining us now is l.a. times columnist andrew malcolm. good morning. >> good morning, how are you today? >> fine, how would you answer that question? is the mainstream media now souring on the president? in the wake of what's gone on
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Aug 24, 2011 4:00pm PDT
will be able to fly out of the country and evade justice for his crimes. steve harrigan streaming live yet again tonight in tripoli. steve, what's the mood there tonight? >> shepard besides the obvious and loud one of jubilation the one emotion you can senses specially among the young rebel fighters some of them very young in their teens is pride. i saw one young rebel fighter walking in a t-shirt holding -- slowly stepping with his shoulders back. these young rebels, some of them have been fighting against qaddafi for the past six months. even though they got a great deal of help from nato warplanes which really paved the way, they feel and there are thousands of them that they just won a war that they just defeated dictator. amateur army they just defeated a professional army and liberated their country there is a great sense of pride among the men who took part in this fight and it's really their moment to celebrate which they have been doing all day and now into the night, shepard. >> shepard: what's their priority now, steve? finding qaddafi or seem more focused on wiping out his supp
Aug 25, 2011 6:00am EDT
bit about steve jobs as well. huge news. he put out a letter announcing his resignation. it's hard to overstate the impact this guy has had on computing and music. he changed the music business. on film with pixar, on marketing, on retail experience. this guy is a giant in american history. >> no, i think that, you know, we use the term giant too loosely. there's clearly giants and then there's giants. i think he falls in the real giant category because he impacted american culture and world culture. what he did, the technology and as you say music, it transformed how we deal with information. it transformed culture at so many different levels. he changed the face of the earth in how people relate to each other. he will go down in history as a real, real giant and deservingly so. >> he said in a statement, if there was a time i could no longer meet my duties i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. s.e., he touched every part of our lives. >> i think when we all heard he had pancreatic cancer, we saw the writing on the walls. we knew this day would co
FOX News
Aug 25, 2011 4:00pm PDT
before the liberation of libya is complete. our steve harrigan streaming live again tonight from tripoli. what are you seeing there tonight, steve. >> shepard, we are seeing a lot of gunfire, a lot of tracer fire. six months ago it was qaddafi forces firing those antiaircraft guns at nato airplanes. this time around, six months later, it is rebels. they are firing up into the air in celebration. probably those same guns. it is a little unusual though to see so much celebration in a city where there are still pockets of fighting and killing going on, shepard. >> shepard: everybody seems to be talking about qaddafi's whereabouts. but it never turns out to be true. >> a lot of rumors, some people say, is here in tripoli. ever -- other people speculate hometown of sirte. qaddafi had not been taken. he is determined to keep on fighting. his very presence out there really gives heart and support to those who want to resist this new government, shepard. >> shepard: steve harrigan live in early friday morning in tripoli. a major hurricane is on its way to the east coast. we're expecting an updat
Aug 25, 2011 7:00am EDT
: barak, california. gaithersburg, maryland. republican, steve. caller: looking forward to reading the book. i have to tell you as a moderate republican, i thought cheney was a good congressman. i thought he was a fantastic secretary of defense and the gulf war and i would argue one of the worst vice-president we have ever had. very disappointed. i voted first term for him, and the second, unfortunately because of him. i will be interested to read his book to see what his take is. so far from what you have been reading from the reviews, this seems like a guy who was always good and blaming everybody else for failures of the bush administration. host: go ahead. finish up, steve. caller: when of the previous callers -- we are entitled to our own opinions and not entitled to our own facts. the iraq war when it comes to the facts, i have yet to see facts about weapons of mass destructions. i still think we should have gone in regardless. but a previous caller, a fellow republican, the valerie plame story, that there was no connection between him. you can stretch and say there was no di
Aug 18, 2011 5:30am EDT
bring in steve sedgwick live in london. steve, good morning. >> very good day to you. this apparently has got nothing to do with the s&p downgrading of u.s. sovereign debt from aaa to aa plus. apparently this investigation started beforehand and it's looking in to whether the analysts were overruled by business managerses when they may have wanted to downgrade the value and the rating of mortgage securities. what is unclear is whether the other rating agencies, the likes of fitch it and moody's, are also part of this investigation. let's move on and tell you what's ahead in terms of data releases and it could be key because we have jobless claims, cpi inflation kay take, also existing home sales expected up 4%. but the market is already in a foul mood. european as i look are down between 2% and 3.5% and looking at the u.s. futures, the dow is down around 190 points. back to you. >> a rocky start already. steve sedgwick live for us this london this morning. thanks so much. >>> turn now to syria where activists say government troops have shot and killed nine people in the central city o
Aug 23, 2011 7:00am EDT
happening all week long to celebrate the life of dr. king. today is d.c. day. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. >>> irene is expected to become a major category 3 hurricane later today. by thursday it could become a category 4. the last hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. was ike which pounded texas in 2008. >>> that may happen later this weekend. as for today, it will be beautiful. >> glorious start. temperatures are falling back into the low 50s in many spots and sunshine expected for most of the day. low 80s for afternoon highs. let's get a look at the numbers. impressive stuff. some of the coolest temperatures in two months time here in downtown washington. 64 at reagan national. frederick 50 degrees. 55 in hagerstown. 56 in ocean city. great looking start. it should be a beautiful day today. a few clouds moving through from time to time but things should remain dry as high pressure continues to work on in here from the west. not much to show you. lots of clear skies and we are expecting plenty of sunshine today. the forecast for tuesday, mostly sunny sk
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Aug 22, 2011 3:00pm PDT
griffin monitoring the developments from the pentagon. but we begin with correspondent steve harrigan live in zentan, south of tripoli. good evening. >> reporter: right now they say that muammar gaddafi is still inside the country of libya but not saying specific whereabouts. it's unclear where he is. the latest unconfirmed reports have him heading to algeria. we spent 11 12 hours with rebels on the way to the capital with the special help from nato, high-tech help, rebel fighters in the capital say they need at this point is gasoline. we're going with a 5,000 gallon gas tanker to help supply rebels in their fight. one of the key weapon in the battle is a pickup truck used to mount vehicle and move the troops around. finally over the past 24 hours with the rebel officials we notice a sea change in mood. just 24 hours ago there was a sense of jubilation, ecstasy, the rumors they captured gaddafi and walked in tripoli and would take the capital. that has changed dramatically with the push back by the government forces. and the ensuing casualties there is a sense here of real momentum and it'
Aug 25, 2011 4:00pm EDT
. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: they've taken tripoli, but libyan rebels still have not found the dictator they have overthrown. moammar gadhafi. his spokesman insisted the erratic colonel is still in libya and he was heard on radio. go out to the streets and fight, gadhafi encouraged his supportiers. nato cannot continue, he said. the bombardment will not harm you. in ten locations around the capital, gadhafi loyalists were reported firing on rebels. and there was this grim scene. 30 bodies found in a pro-gadhafi camp. some men had been handcuffed and executed. tripoli is moving toward chaos. no one is in command. from benghazi to tnc, the rebel council, requested united nation's peace keepers. the u.s. government said good idea. >> we will look favorably at police support requests that come from the tnc to the u.n. the u.n. will have the lead, but we will look at how the u.s. can help. >> reporter: gadhafi's compound was ransacked, but the rest of tripoli now is it not like baghdad. >> this doesn't seem to be a lot of looting taking place, a breakdown of order now,
Aug 26, 2011 1:00am PDT
. it did it end up losing ground on wednesday in reaction to the resignation of steve jobs as the company's ceo. you'll remember in the pre-markets, the losses for apple were up on to 7% at one stage, but they did narrow and once trading started, the buyers were there. shares finishing less than 1% lower on on thursday. jobs of course an inspiration to many people including the company's co-founder, steve wozniak. here's what he told piers morgan about his former boss. >> after seef met me and we compared ourselves, what pranks we had pulled and what electronic -- what we'd done in electronics, and i come up with some very strange genius computer design, i didn't even think i'd ever have a job doing it, so after steve met me, never ride to be the designer of the pair. he went more global. he always thought in terms of products. how will they affect people. it's in the how do you connect a few chips together, it's what are they going to do that's useful. it'sing point. and the end user should always be number one. >> he also did think of the end user before wozniak was pretty reluctant to
FOX News
Aug 9, 2011 3:00pm PDT
in the future. let's bring in the panel about this. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. what about this action, charles? >> i thought the late-day rally that we saw probably started around 3:00, when the president would not address the country, cheering and thrown in the air. general international exuberance. that is an attempt at satire. trying to get a chuckle. >> bret: i figured i'd let you go. >> you have to explain yourself, it's -- >> bret: the crickets were chirping. okay. >> i guess i wasn't cut out for that. the real story is what happened around 2:00. the man who really runs america, chairman of the federal reserve said for two years, keep interest rates low. normally, the chairman will say words like indefinitely, or for a while. they'll use the obscure words. but he was extremely specific. this is a contrast from the predecessor. he spoke in language that was so opaque and obscure you think you were listening to distinct himalayandy lecht. this ilecht -- himalayan dialect. he sai
FOX News
Aug 23, 2011 10:00pm PDT
in [ [ gunfire ] >> greta: where is gadhafi right now? steve harrigan joins us live from libya. steve where is colonel gadhafi? has he been spotted? >> reporter: no, he has not been spotted. u.s. officials say he's likely to be still in libya. we've seen his son in the past 24 hours trying to bolster government support. no sign of colonel gadhafi just the radio message where he vows to fight nato or become a martyr. we are hearing the warplanes overhead. historic day here. historic for the rebels that have over taken the gadhafi compound. they did get help from the nato war plans in the run-up to this battle. they were -- pounding hard, dropping heavy bombs most of the morning. a sense of triumph today after six months of fighting they've overtaken the symbol of gadhafi's power. the nerve center as well for the regime. the fighting still continues. we heard small arms fire throughout the evening behind us. possible battle as well looming for the city of sirte gadhafi's hometown. there's fighting around the airport. the real challenge for this interim government will be to try and maintain t
Aug 30, 2011 4:30am PDT
few minutes. at 4:39, let's go to steve >> hi, sal, thank you very much. bigger fog bank out there. as a matter of fact, it's really starting to thicken up here, so we have low clouds and also fog and there's plenty to be enhanced because the system, what's new, drops down in and that just tends to give us more in the way of fog and more of an onshore breeze. so thick fog, then sun, cool by the coast. there's a lot of fog out there, so only a few select areas will see clearing. fog, then sunny and breezy for the bay inland. cooler and breezy today, temperatures really 70s and 80s. a system right up there, i know it doesn't look like much, but that's all it takes end of august to get things going along. 50 chilly degrees up in santa rosa, definitely a bite to the morning air. a lot of 50s here, mid-50s, a few upper 50s, livermore at 55. you combine that with a southwest or a west/southwest, everything is coming from the ocean right through the golden gate all the way out to the delta, so it's in place. that sea breeze will kick in and courtesy of that system digging into the pacific
Aug 25, 2011 5:00pm EDT
in the capital, tripoli. he made the statement over the broadcast radio. right now, we will hear about what steve forbes, the president and ceo of forbes magazine, thinks about the economy. of washington journal" continues. host: on the screen is steve forbes, president and ceo of " forbes." two-time candidate for president. the headline out washington -- deficit hole will remain gaping, according to the cbo. what do you make on the latest news on the economy? guest: well, it is obviously disappointing. i think the u.s. economy is doing better than expected in the second half. not quite as pessimistic as others. steel orders are up, rail traffic is up and durable goods orders are up -- that news came out yesterday. equivalent to an automobile, 10 miles an hour in the first half and now going about 30 or 35 miles in the second half when we should be on an open highway doing 70 or 75 miles an hour. we are moving but at a very glacial pace given the severity of a recession. usually out of a sharp downturn we get a sharp upturn. we have not had that here. host: unemployment is going to be -- remain u
FOX News
Aug 22, 2011 4:00pm PDT
did landed. a live report from the pentagon coming up inside fox report. steve harrigan streaming live outside tripoli. spent 12 hours in a rebel convoy along the way, what did you learn? >> that's right right now about 50 miles south of the capital. a city without electricity. regular burst of small arms fire. traveling are the rebels we learned there is a real dire shortage of gasoline inside libyan capital. both sides needing that gasoline. sometimes the price reaching $50 a gallon. right now we are with rebels who are trying to bring gasoline into their fighters. this is the second thing that we learned. these rebels are targeting fighters within their own neighborhood. they want to make sure the gasoline reaches their own fighters. certainly understandable but we have heard about this division in the opposition before. this is another example of that targeting the gasoline to one specific neighborhood. perhaps understandable but it's a tough way to win a war, shepard. >> shepard: we have heard a lot from inside tripoli, very little from your position there give us an idea how stro
Aug 30, 2011 7:00am PDT
to steve. >>> a lot of fog in those traffic shots. it looks like the fog means cooler conditions. not really the coast. low clouds and fog making it a stronger surge today. the system another one moving into the north, helping to enhance that fog bank. we start off with a lot of gray over the bay and really cool reading, especially up to santa rosa. low clouds, mist. gray dies an 50s and 6 -- gray skies and 50s and 60s. 48, santa rosa to 59 hayward. 53 redwood city, 55 livermore and san jose. there is a better look at that system as that drops in. that just gives us a cooler pattern. and then a cooler, breezy day for those inland. temperatures anywhere from 50s to mid-80s with a lot of 60s and 70s in between. it does look like today and tomorrow we have the cool winning out. then a north wind might kick in which would help get rid of that fog and warm you up. saturday looks nice to warm but cooler on sunday. tori and dave. >>> 7:27. another quake jolts the bay area overnight and this one literally rattled some cages. >> reporter: we're live in san bruno where people react to the
FOX News
Aug 24, 2011 12:00pm PDT
in intelligence joined the rebellion and the opposition claims it is gaining more ground. and now steve is in the libyan capital. what is the mood there like now? >>reporter: well, even though qaddafi is still controlling one city, and there is more fighting ahead, the mod here is one of celebration, rebels out in what was known as green square and now called martyr square firing everything into the air. we saw truck rolling in throughout the morning releasing anti aircraft guns and firing into the air to a steady stream of gunfire and chanting. interesting i saw several parents with children walking to witness this day, historic day fort nation despite the extreme nature of the violence. a man said it is like if you kept a spring tightly coiled for 4 years there will be an explosion and eruption and that is what we are seeing today. real emotion, too, an older man came up to me and i said how are you feeling today and he said, he breathed deeply and started to cry. he said qaddafi hanged my brother 20 years ago. so, some pent up emotions, really, bursting loose, for the young man with
Aug 22, 2011 9:00pm EDT
. unmanned as in no pilot. joining us now, steve clemmons, you can find him writing at the note and the atlantic magazine. thank you for joining us tonight. >> sure thing, rachel. >> you were skeptical from the beginning about whether or not outside countries getting involved militarily in libya would produce a positive outcome. you worried the western footprint is too large and this needs to be the libyan people who take control of their own destiny, now is this a libyan outcome, how do you feel about this? >> two things, one, i think president obama, you know, watched your show and he created an intervention that despite the various kinds of presence we had, he nonetheless kept this from a deeper, broader ownership of the outcome. i think to build on the theme of tonight's show, he had a tipping point strategy to help tilt the odds towards the rebels, given what they were facing, but this thing could have still gone very badly, i think if you listen to president obama's remarks tonight, he ended them exactly with where we were talking before, this had to remain a libyan story,
Aug 24, 2011 8:00pm EDT
up your nuclear weapons. joining me now, washington editor at large for the atlantic steve clemons, steve, thanks for joining me tonight. >> great to be with you, chris. >> so you look at where the u.s. has engaged and intervened and where they haven't, we are definitely not going to get into a shooting war with north korea no matter what kim jong-il does, he has a bomb. we did intervene in iraq and support nato intervention in libya. is the sort of perverse lesson not to give up your nuclear weapons? >> of course, it is. moammar gadhafi gave up his nuclear weapons as part of his own strategy to create a different kind of security for himself, which would embed himself and his family and his future with the west and try to behave a bit more, but now with the invasion, it sent a signal. in fact, on the day that president obama authorized intervention and we had our first nato strike there, north korea came out and basically told him he was a sucker, essentially, for having given up his nuclear weapons. and now the other problem, chris, is the bar for nations getting in the nuclear w
FOX News
Aug 25, 2011 8:00am PDT
inside libya. we have a live report from our very own steve harrigan, straight ahead. >>> first a fox news weather alert and brand new information coming in on the track of hurricane irene. it's one of our big stories this week. we're so glad you're with us, i'm jenna lee. rick: i'm rick folbaum in for jon: jon scott and irene isa category three, growing stronger by the minute as the monster storm puts the entire east coast on alert, battering the bahamas after roaring through the carribean and now massive storm threats are underway here from evacuations in north carolina to the u.s. navy issuing a code alpha and ordering ships to leave the norfolk navy station. plus all along the seaboard emergency rues getting sandbags ready for potential flooding. we have fox news coverage, janice dean is live at the weather center, phil keating is live in nassau, bahamas. let's start with janice. >> reporter: we just got the 11:00 advisory and this storm is still a category three, which is a little surprising because it has been going through fluctuations, an eye wall replacement cycle, and ultima
Aug 22, 2011 8:00pm EDT
to tell the story. first, a member of the research committee and steve and i did a thing called investing on children. we are just about out of copies, but it is available on our web site if you would like to have a copy. none of the papers exceed 300,000 words, which is three good when it is also dollars. he is going to give an overview with special attention to headstart, and he concludes headstart is underperforming. the obama administration has proposed a provocative and well- thought-out reform and based on recommendations of the committee for read designation hryvna 4 re-designation, -- recommendations of the committee for re-resignation, and she will describe headstart reforms, and then after these presentations, we are going to have recommendations from a panel people. we have had a long history as practitioners. first, the head of the national association for education of young children, who was also a member of the re-designation committee. our next guest is here from the university of chicago and is one of the most accomplished people who have defended head start on the basis o
Aug 10, 2011 1:00pm EDT
. >> and at the same time steve wiseman, we've had so much gridlock. and already concerns about the economic appointments late yesterday. patty murray the she is the incoming budget chair. what everyone is focussing on is he's the head of the democratic congressional senate campaign committee is in charge of candidates of protecting democratic incumbents and raising money for them. that was the controversy there. and of course, john kerry who wanted very much we understand to be on this committee and the finance chairman max bacchus. it's as john was pointing out, it's not really up to this committee. >> it's more up to the leadership. they'll be the surrogates on the committee. there are three things i think that need to be watched. first, is defense cuts versus revenues. i think the fact that the second round of cuts that were culled for by the default deal were cutting so deep in defense is going to confront republicans with choices that they might not want to make between you do you cut defense or increase revenues. there's another little noticed fact or phenomenon which is that health c
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 126 (some duplicates have been removed)